Person Films is headquartered in Rome,
but produces content all over Italy.

Person films was established in 2005 as a boutique Italian production service, working with the best production companies, advertising agencies, and brands worldwide.

Our unique ability to work as a nimble and flexible production team, not just in Italy, but worldwide, under any budget range, has allowed Person to produce award winning commercials, films, and print campaigns for clients all over the world.

The people behind Person Films are constantly evolving, trying different mediums, and keeping an eye on the next platform to grow. We believe that challenge, problem solving, and striving for the most creative outcome is what keeps our spirit alive.

The fact that most our clients have been returning for several years, shows that not only is the  work successful, but a lasting  trust and friendship was made. And that is truly important to us –  having a partner in Italy whenever you need them.